Hi and Welcome,

I set up this website for multiple purposes - partially as a portfolio of work for the purposes of ensuring that Google pointed prospective interested parties to a site that I have some control over, rather than relying on third party social networks. As such, my main use for this site is shameless self-promotion. Fortunately, as pretty much no one reads this site, I can pretty much put anything up I'd like.

First, a bit about me, in rambling fashion.

I am a professional geophysicist (P.Geo). I do exploration geophysics; run a small equipment rental business out of Winnipeg, MB; do research and development; and subcontract for Aurora Geosciences Ltd. out of Yellowknife. I have a undergrad degree in geophysics (B.Sc.G.Sc. Hons Geophysics, University of Manitoba, 2009) where my honours thesis was on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for mapping geology. I went to grad school for Planetary Sciences at University of Western Ontario where my focus was on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for planetary applications, but my M.Sc. thesis is unsubmitted. Industry beckoned.

I've done field work and research on three continents. Within Canada, I've done the same in 7 provinces and 3 territories (still missing the Maritimes, in case you need an ice thickness GPR survey in PEI...). I love doing field work, and I love working on new things. But, as the body gets older, I spend more time strapped into a chair.

Long term, I have an inkling to work in the private planetary exploration business. Until then, I accrue appropriate experience by: working in environments that are the best analogues - the desert and the tundra; using appropriate techniques which may be transferable; and learning appropriate skills - research and development primary among them. Most recently, equipment rental services, support, training has been added to the menu. See Lithogen for more details there.

I've done a lot of fieldwork in the tundra, owing to Aurora Geosciences. However, I've also worked in deserts, forests, mountains, prairies, and on boats in freshwater. I've spent as much time in a helicopter or bush plane at work as I have a pickup truck in the last few years. I stayed in tent camps, plywood shacks, and 5000 person mining facilities with all the bells and whistles. I've done surveys on the ground, in the air, underground, and on the water. I've encountered bears, wolves, muskox, wolverines, and at least one insect. I've driven so many off road vehicles that it's hard to count - the most fun being snowmobiles and the amphibious Argo. Half the time the instrumentation doesn't work (I'm pro at field repairs), and half the time the weather is bad (but you can play cribbage). It's a good life, but always my gaze turns to the solar system. I wonder, can I one day do this on an asteroid? or Mars?

My previous R&D project was for Aurora Geosciences Ltd., where I worked full time developing new instrumentation to extend our ability to collect geophysical data quickly in the tundra. There I was basically a one man skunkworks program, but the experience has been invaluable. While R&D is always beset with risk, this project is in the sales and marketing phase. Success!

If you are interested in hiring me or anyone else from my group, please feel free to contact me through Lithogen. If we can't do what you need, it's likely we can refer you to someone who can. I've previously run surveys using gravity, magnetics, time-domain EM, frequency-domain EM, ground penetrating radar, shallow seismics, electrical resistivity, VLF, ELF (AFMAG), and more. I've also spent a fair share of time analyzing gravity, magnetics, EM, ERT, and GPR data, including inversions of the whole lot. Some examples of my work are available online here under Publications.


Troy Unrau